Quick Tutorial

C Quick Tutorial

Congraduation you find us!!! We offer quick tutorial for C language.

Why Learn C?

It seems tricky question. Actually, this is an important question. Ask youself, are you really need learning C? If you are doing scientific study, in most of cases, you don’t need learn C. However, if you wish to do anything that related to the hardward or low-level programmming, C is vital.

Why you should use Quick-Tutorial?

There are thouthands of books about learning C. Why shall you learn C online? Because most of books talk too much! Most of the content are not useful, yet the books covers again and again. On the other hand, useful content are not always emphasised. Therefore, we creat this site.

Continue reading, if you wish to:

  • get your work done
  • get ride of non-sense details
  • learn from a beginner to expert mode

How much time you need to grasp C?

It depends on how much depth you wish to learn. Since the programming is a practice subject, the more you write and improve your code, the better you learn. If you wish to write elegent codes, that might take a long time.

We are not offering tutroials for that level. On the contrast, we offer a quick but complete tutorial. Once you finished the tutorial, you can 100% get the feeling, that “I know C, I know how to write C, and I can read other’s C code”.

We split the levels accordingly.

Know basics of C

Know how to write basic C

Know how to read C

Know how to Use other Guy’s C to solve problem

Know how to write C to solve problem by yourself